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The All-New Royal Canadian International Family Circus 2024

Step right up to the mesmerizing world of the 2024 Royal Canadian International Circus! Prepare for a spellbinding journey filled with a diverse array of thrilling acts, a visual feast of high production value; and an interactive extravaganza that promises an unforgettable experience for all. Join us under the big top for a circus adventure like no other in 2024!

Showcase Spectacle

Experience it all with our 2024 world class experience spectacle that will amaze you and your whole family!

This year's show includes daredevil Joseph Dominik Bauer on the Wheel of Destiny, the Fernandez Riders racing inside the Motorcycle Globe of Death, Leo Garcia the Human Cannonball, plus the astonishing Guerrero’s High Wire Troupe, Zeman Duo Roller Skaters from AGT, Quick Change, Bollywood Aerialists, a Canadian Tribute, Comedic surprises, Acrobatics from Taiwan… and more! We have it all!

Sensational Production

You'll be immersed into the spectacle of the traditional European Big Top of yesteryear, while being engaged by this contemporary show with all the latest lights, sounds, and action that is like none other!


Journey into an unforgettable awe-inspiring experience … a new paradigm in family entertainment! The 2024 Royal Canadian International Circus is an explosive, fun and exciting showcase that you won't forget. See you under the Big Top!

Interactive Marvels

Experience a memorable show with interactive performances, comedy, and awe-inspiring stunts.

Ticket Types


Children 3 and under are free as long as they don’t occupy a seat. Otherwise children are regular price. Strollers are not allowed inside the main tent but can be left in the concession area. There are three types of seats:

  • General Admission - $35 – Chair and Bench seating
  • VIP SEATING – $40 - First rows of chair seating immediately behind the walkway and Ringside
  • RINGSIDE SEATING – $60 - Plush chairs right on the Circus Ring

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Part 1/4: CTV News Calgary at The Royal Canadian International Circus

The Royal Canadian International Circus is back in Calgary with an all new show. Gina Martin gets a firsthand look at some of the acts involved in this year's performance.


The Royal Canadian International Circus 2024 under the Big Top is coming to Twin Cities at Maplewood Shopping Center from April 12-21 for 17 spectacular shows!

This year’s all new Royal Canadian International Circus, under the massive Big Top, is jam-packed with explosive live entertainment featuring spectacular acts, that will mesmerize and astound with generational circus families from all over the world.


FOX 9 Good Day: RCIC 2024 Preview

The Royal Canadian International Circus is at the Maplewood Mall through April 21st. We get a preview with some live tricks in our studio.


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