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The Royal Canadian International Circus Kicks Off Its 2023 Tour in Minneapolis – Mall of America

The Royal Canadian International Circus (RCIC) returns to Minneapolis! The Big Top will be set up at the Mall of America on April 13, 2023. A total of 19 award-winning shows have been scheduled between April 13 and 23. All circus tickets can be purchased directly through our secure online portal, including VIP and Plush Ringside seating.

Mall Of America and the Royal Canadian Circus

The 2022 show drew record crowds for the explosive live acts that mesmerized, amazed, and astounded! The Royal Canadian International Circus received over 94% positive reviews from customers during post-performance surveys. And just like last year, this year’s spectacular show promises to offer plenty of fun for the entire family.  The acts will keep you at the edge of your seats and leave you wanting to return for more excitement and entertainment.


The Royal Canadian International Circus Cast & Performers

The all-new spectacular RCIC 2023 show features a mixture of new and familiar faces, including:

  • Joseph Dominik Bauer from Switzerland – Ringmaster & Wheel of Destiny – Daredevil Extraordinaire!
  • Claudia Alvaro Bauer – from Mexico – Aerialist & Flying Trapeze
  • African Bone Breakers Contortionist Troupe – from Guinea, Africa – Featured in America’s Got Talent.
  • Nilson Escobar – from Peru – Juggler Extraordinaire
  • Maria Emilia Chemeno – from Argentina – Flying Trapeze
  • Fernandez Globe of Death – from Mexico – Motorbikes inside a Steel Cage – Hold onto your seats!
  • TZ Aerialists – Ladies of the Air from Mexico, Peru, United States, Argentina and Canada
  • Hubert & Camila Dominguez Crossbow Thrill Act – From Columbia & Puerto Rico – Do not try this at home!
  • Guerrero High Wire Troupe – From Columbia – Unbelievable acrobatic maneuvers 25 feet in the air.
  • More new acts to come.

Please check out our website to learn more about the cast and their many talents.  Many of the RCIC artists, like our Ringmaster & Daredevil Extraordinaire Joseph Dominik Bauer, are pedigrees of circus families – some of which go back 10 generations. Others offer viewers a unique experience that is hard to find in the circus world because there is no one like them to perform their acts and specialties so flawlessly.

Important Notice about Use of Circus Animals at the Royal Canadian International Circus

The RCIC show excludes the use of exotic animals or endangered species in any of its acts. It is a family oriented, family priced acrobatic / thrill show showcasing a multicultural parade of circus families from around the world. We transitioned away from exotics to this new format six years ago; and the public reception has been over 90% positive.

5 Ways to Make the Most of Your First Visit to the Circus

Is this your first time seeing the Royal Canadian International Circus or viewing a circus event altogether? You are not alone. The following are some suggestions and tips that will help you prepare for the event and ensure an enjoyable experience:

  1. Verify circus dates, time and location before the show.
  2. Arrive early as seats are filled up on a first come, first serve basis.
  3. Build up the excitement by checking out the virtual tour on our website.
  4. Bring binoculars.
  5. Purchase premium tickets as it will ensure better views and more enjoyable experiences.

Please note that outside food is not permitted in the Big Top. A wide assortment of snacks will be available for purchase, including popcorn, hot dogs, soft drinks etc. Please arrive early to avoid long lineups.

Purchase Circus Tickets Online | Minneapolis – Mall of America

You may purchase your tickets online directly through our website. Exclusive Plush Ringside Seats can also be purchased through our secure portal. Please refer to the 2023 schedule on our website homepage for a list of upcoming cities and dates.

You may also purchase your tickets in person at the Big Top box office and selected local outlets. The ticket counter is open on all show days from 10:00 am till 08:00 pm.

March 24, 2024
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